• Saffron Rose

    From ancient Egypt, to the present

    Egyptian pharaohs asked to be embalmed with saffron. Rich women

    used to give therselves a bath with saffron flowers.

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    We take care of every

    single growing detail

    Since bulb until thread removal, our saffron gets

    the best actions for achieving the best quality.

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Cultivation and harvesting of saffron

The cultivation of saffron needs an extreme climate; hot and dry weather in summer and cold in winter.[...]

Medicinal properties of saffron

Without claiming to be a universal medicine, saffron is however a natural solution to many health problems[...]

Roasting or drying of the stigmas

For this operation the removed stigmas are placed in layers about two centimeters in fine mesh sieves or silk fabric, putting it on a hot stove, braziers, coals of fire or rustic home fires. [...]

Creative design

Smartdatasoft is an offshore web development company located in Bangladesh. We are serving this sector since 2010. Our team is committed to develop high quality web based application and theme for our[...]